Film Pitch ATL

Monthly Pitch Night

Film Pitch ATL

Film Pitch ATL curates high concept, commercially viable independent film projects from production teams that have their creative property and business strategy ready to go.

Listen as they tell you about their most current production and how they plan to take it from script to screen. Learn from them as they explain their concept, how they cast and crew, their financing strategy, and their marketing and business plan… aka how do they plan to distribute their film and actually make money!

After each pitch, the director/producer of the project will open the floor to questions for a 5 minute Q&A with the audience… ask them anything! Each project that pitches already has a finished script and the ability to begin principal photography within 6 months. Their presentation at Film Pitch ATL is to help them gain more exposure for their project, close a funding round, fill final cast and crew positions, and potentially begin distribution conversations.


Join us in the audience if you’re an investor, a potential investor, actor, above and below the line crew, film business professionals, film enthusiast, or just curious to learn more about the ATL film scene.


Submit a project that you’re ready to take into pre-production or production.



RoleCall is an Atlanta based company dedicated to helping Atlanta and the Southeast grow as a sustainable, above-the-line film community. RoleCall’s free, cloud-based software brings studio system scale to the indie world. It allows for filmmakers to discover and manage actors, crew, props, wardrobe, vehicles, locations, animals, and stories all in one place.

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